12:33am 05-06-2022
Wen ii thiink of kreayshawn ii thiink of my homegurlz. We aLL grown now doiing our own shiiZ but unforgettable memoriies. Thnx booboo. Ily.
5:18pm 05-05-2022
Barack Obama
Barack Obama
11:11am 05-04-2022
i love that you have a guestbook we can all read and write in!! my mom showed me your music (starting with gucci gucci) when i was in middle school. im 22 now and im playing you at my coffee shop LOLL ily. k bye 🫀💋🙈
10:41am 05-04-2022
Sarah :3
i dance w my kitties to missing kitty all tha time, one of them tries to run outside a lot but only to eat grass
11:24pm 05-03-2022
I remember listening to breakfast with some friends back in 2013. Flash forward when I hear it on a YouTube video and it caught me off guard. Had to check up on your music now and it’s still fuckin slapping. Missing Kitty while owning a cat hits so much different. Keep slaying the game dude.
3:24pm 05-03-2022
I look up to you and think you're honestly a positive influence on me. I have kept up with you for ages now. Wish we wuz irl budddz. much love to u and ur crew
11:56pm 05-01-2022
Jihhhhhgullllyy puffff… jihglyyyyyiiyyee puuufffff
6:30pm 04-30-2022
Hey Kreayshawn, I’ve been a fan since Gucci, Gucci lol. I like your vibe as a person and artist. You are one of the coolest artist I know and I can’t wait to meet you one day!! 😎
3:17pm 04-30-2022
Hi kreay! I've been listening to go hard on repeat for the past week since hearing it in a meme and I just can't stop, it's so fucking good. You're a fucking awesome person, that sorry about giving money to the woman leaving her abusive husband was heartwarming. Sorry to hear you've been struggling lately, much love from a stranger in Canada!
2:44am 04-29-2022
what time are u playing at smokers club… will there be dnb/jungle (pls say yes)
1:36am 04-29-2022
thanks for the xtra decade or so of my life.

the world may have kept my body alive. but you kept my spirit alive.

i’ll love you forever. bai
6:21am 04-25-2022
Love the page, very MySpace 🖤
11:08pm 04-24-2022
you are lovely!
9:41pm 04-24-2022
yo you gotta cool website
9:34pm 04-24-2022
I want to pet your website
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