12:07am 09-03-2022
Natassia, KREAYSHAWN!! We love it!!
6:50pm 09-02-2022
u been my crush since i was 9 ๐“‚‹
9:57pm 08-31-2022
dude kreayshawnnnn so i clicked the link on ur ig bio and here we are lol i wanted to share something that happened me around this month in 2012. so i was a freshman in high school and i remember 102.7 the radio station was having a meet and greet with u so i signed up to be see if i actually would win. dude tell me why i actually did end up winning the contest ๐Ÿ˜‚ i remember telling my dad but he just blew it off. anyways ur a cool ass bitch fr my respects to u๐Ÿ’•
5:29pm 08-31-2022
Jason Newton
You are soooo talented. Been a fan for 10 years
3:46pm 08-31-2022
hey just wanted to say youre NOT a pussy for feeling the way you do about things, everyone handles their stuff differently and it doesnt make you any less than just cause its too much sometimes. youre human too so its all good friend friend ๐ŸŒท
8:36pm 08-30-2022
miss dianaaaa
diana &my daughter jazzy were here!
5:05pm 08-28-2022
V Saxena
Years ago, I, then a young social justice warrior wannabe, shamed you into deleting your wedding Amazon wishlist. Today I want to apologize for that deplorable behavior by my young and resentful self.

I was straight-up tripping, yo. These days, I know better. Eh, for the most part, lol. Regardless, sorry about that! There was NOTHING wrong with you putting up an Amazon wishlist, point blank, period, and I was a real shithead for making you feel otherwise with my sourpuss ass. My bad, 4 realz!

V (crazy ass dude who made that ultra, ultra, ultra cringe YT video *facepalm* for your one competition thing)
2:06pm 08-28-2022
Hi what's the link to your MySpace? Thxxzz.
10:32am 08-26-2022
Brad Ham
Still bumping your shit
2:08am 08-26-2022
Hiiiiii kreay<3 I LOVE UUU
11:03pm 08-25-2022
Hi Kreay! Love your music!
11:08am 08-25-2022
Whatup MissNatassia Kreay'
If this sights for real.
You're a tough lady to get in touch with. What you up to tomorrow?!!
I'm being serious too... My street man turns 56 tomorrow and we finally got housed. After 9 years, on pavement-damn. I don't have a lot of cash to pay for an appearance fee but meeting you (and if y'all could do a solid by hittin'up MrJuicyJ too!!! .)That would be insane for him.
Seriously, like that would be freaking amazeballs girl๐Ÿ˜ป
The location would be near downtown San Jose
Thanks for your time missN.Kreay'
7:56pm 08-24-2022
I would French you with your retainer in. Just saying.

๐Ÿ’–-lesbian mama who wants to experiment while your un married lol
@itsthesaint slide in my dm ๐Ÿ˜Ž
7:31pm 08-20-2022
We have the same birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
12:52am 08-20-2022
Hi huge fan

Tbh- idrk you but you seem nice !
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Date or pass- maybe
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