7:51pm 06-19-2023
i love that your website is so retro i might come back and hack it later jk ily u
11:08pm 06-18-2023
God loves you!!
9:35pm 06-16-2023
Kreay fine af , i remember being a baby teen when i first heard about you now dead ass in my 30’s and happy you’re still around . you aged beautifully too …stay up bby girl keep doing ya thing .
11:24am 06-11-2023
Ayo I guess my high ass not the only one that stumbled on this recently lol. Hope you're doing well Kreay.
8:24pm 06-10-2023
Hey Kreay Baybeee, I’m stopping by to tell you how impactful your life and career has been to a twink like me. Me and so many ppl have learned much about individuality from you!!! You’re a legend in the bay, I wanted to share some love and a flower stay well 💚🙏🏼
12:58pm 06-10-2023
I don’t know if u check this or not but u said u would show people how to make a page like this. I want to do one too. Peace.
9:43pm 06-09-2023
hope u r well & whole thx 4 being u
9:49am 06-08-2023
girl i just wanna say i hope you know how much of an icon u R. something abt kreay literally had us in a chokehold!!! no skips + the aesthetic was too good... also ur song w/ yung lean went platinum on tumblr lmfao
1:40am 06-06-2023
Wasopp dawg
9:32pm 06-04-2023
Mama I love u and have loved u 5ever. My Queen, my bestie, my ride or die even tho it’s 1 sided, u had my back through all the shit! Ur music keeps me positive and ready to get that fuckin money even when I’m real low. Love u 5eva and always
12:11pm 06-04-2023
HHIII i love ur music 🤓😜🤭
5:03pm 06-02-2023
Amy C
Still rooting for u to have all the happiness in the world
4:15pm 05-29-2023
Mikki Bench aka Eek
Hi. Hope having a cool day. Today i was just at drum kit and your second album helped sense the bass drops using toms for the Missing Kitty track. I hope you found her.. I hate how feels. Many times over. The hardcore track was awesome. And the first album was awesome. Luv Haus and Left Eye particular faves. Anyway. hope all is good. might have political piece in email
9:24pm 05-28-2023
7:53pm 05-28-2023
Yo you do good stuff. Thanks for that
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