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10:38am 11-11-2021
Hi Kreay! I love this website. I was in high school when your vlogs came out on YouTube. I was going through a lot of chaos at that time and in my early 20s, it was weirdly comforting to relate to someone *famous*. Now that I'm in my late 20s, I've been back and forth from sobriety. I wouldn't do anything too hardcore, but I was definitely getting high everyday and partying every once in awhile. Anyways, I stumbled upon this now and still relate with what you're going through even if it isn't positive all the time. I like that you only do things you are seriously passionate about until it no longer serves you. Thanks for sharing and good luck with your surgery!
9:47am 11-11-2021
Annabella Deluca
Hey Kreay, thanks for making this as nostalgic as possible. I come here for comfort.
7:34am 11-11-2021
To Question person, even though I am not Kreay, maybe I can help answer your inquiries? is a free web hosting provider. They are sort of reminiscent of geocities way back when, but they basically provide 1GB of storage space with their free service, but constrain free users to limited file types, and more or less you have to use their interface for uploading HTML files and associated assets.

That is probably OK if you are a novice, but you may need more robust options which allow you to configure HTTPD (HTTP Daemon, e.g. Apache, nginx) options and such more more advanced webdev. For that, hosting providers, or even running a webserver on a computer you may have at home might be viable alternatives. Most people do not actually need to have servers racked in data centers, nor AWS or whatever else, to be able to serve up functional websites, especially since DSL and Cable modems and other high speed networking are more widespread and economical these days.

GoDaddy is a DNS registrar, where you can register a domain name. There are many DNS registrars (I personally seem to prefer Namecheap these days, but Network Solutions is one of the oldest DNS registrars still online, and most expensive. Albeit, I have been online longer than ICANN, and remember when it used to be free to register a domain name, those were, IMHO, mostly better days online). Basically with a DNS registrar, you pay to register a domain name, usually on an annual basis, and they will usually have some sort of interface for creating glue records, which in turn point to DNS servers so you can manage your own domains. If you do not run your own DNS servers, some registrars also offer limited DNS functionality, but if you really want to run a larger scale network, running two or more DNS servers on different subnets is generally advisable at a minimum. DNS is distributed in nature. There are "root" name servers which will resolve specific TLDs (Top Level Domains, e.g. .org, .com, .net) and then refer to the glue records to determine what name servers to point to (by IP address) which can resolve things further down the domain hierarchy. In essence, DNS is a distributed hierarchal database. If you get into running your own name servers, BIND is the reference name server, but unbound is another one, and there are more!

Web pages, can, and often do, load content from *many* different sites and servers and resources, that is sort of one of the neat things about HTTP. As much as I prefer lower level coding (e.g. in C or machine code or CPU specific assembly), HTML is very flexible and that is one of its advantages. It has disadvantages too, but this probably isn't the place to explore such subjects deeply.
7:10am 11-11-2021
Ah wow, guest books!

Happy 11-11!

I am guessin' this one does not have an edit feature, which means it sort of is more crude technologically than BBS software older than the WWW. Nonetheless, I am diggin' the efforts you have made in webdev!

I am pretty sure we can get you ad-free guestbook code that doesn't require $ (or Euros for that matter) but, without scanning your network, I don't want to assume what sort of server infrastructure you may be using.

Regardless, if you want something that is a bit more featureful and libre/free open source software for a message board, I have some familiarity with this one:;topic=fwobac
6:42am 11-11-2021
*a wild chain letter appears*
4:41pm 11-09-2021
Sick! I love it. You rock baby
3:57pm 11-09-2021
keep grinding kreay.. much love from a starving artist out in texas.. love the site.. if you get a chance, check out my website too..

i don't have any social media.. yeah, i'm weird like that.. too punk for that shit.. haha yeah right.. anyway, that's where i post all my updates.. - dc
8:54am 11-06-2021
❤️ You!!!!!
6:54am 11-06-2021
Aaron Campbell
Love ur site ND loving the vibes ☮ &❤ to one of my favorite artists can't wait till it get warm again so I can bump "summertime" 🔥🔥🔥
6:48am 11-06-2021
ugh this site is so mint. so MySpace days. i am in love. i love YOU.
4:11am 11-06-2021
I dig the website. Best of luck as you navigate the rest of the year and cruise into 2022 with all the positive energy you can find. You’re the greatest, you got this🤡👌
4:07am 11-06-2021
You are the only personality worth simping. Thanks for everything. I wish you nothing but the best in life.
7:26pm 11-05-2021

Love your style and your website, really makes me miss the old days of the internet. YA AWESOME!!
5:18pm 11-05-2021
love u kreay you feel like a twin flame i’ve never met 🔥
4:29pm 11-05-2021
mina dyana
you got this, mama!!! you are that bitch, biiiitch!!!
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