5:49pm 06-20-2022
Charles Dannelley
I swear that there's something familiar about you to me, but whatever on thst. I just want to wish you good luck, and to stay happy, stay healthy, and stay beautiful! 👋
2:42pm 06-19-2022

2:28pm 06-19-2022
Adelina (•-•)
I luv you so much kreayshawn
12:38pm 06-19-2022
hay kreay!!! hope Ur doing good, i deal w the same low energy and big anxiety shit so I know how fuckin hard mama life as well as personal life can be. Shit sucks! but Ur still my biggest inspo and I am srsly a huge fan, Love U forever!!!
8:59am 06-19-2022
Matthew decker
I really need you to believe in me the way I did for you. I just want one dream to come true and i dm’d you it. Text makes it all suck but please know I bought two or 4 cds to even support you back in hot topic days….I have nobody and I have a professional setup and guitar.
7:12am 06-19-2022
luv u kreayshawn
4:21am 06-19-2022
How awesome that after all this time you get a shout out on a lil wayne song
1:38am 06-17-2022
You used to call me on my cellphone
7:51pm 06-16-2022
Drewskiii frm ny
I lowkey fuck with the nostalgia to this site.
6:06pm 06-15-2022
Yooooo whattup Kreay. Been a fan for years both me and my best bitch we love you. You got us through high school so thank you fam ❤️ thank you for sharing ur bomb ass website!! Sending love from Austinnn tx come back to us sooon
7:39pm 06-13-2022
Obsessed with your song gucci gucci <3 much love from baytown texas
11:44am 06-10-2022
Michael A. Nieves
Stay up Super Babe!
5:16am 06-10-2022
Love u so much!!! All my friends used 2 call me kreayshawn cuz we had the same style back then and of course I was obsessed with your song Gucci Gucci and me n my friends constantly played it over and over lol. Much love from Chicago!!
9:00pm 06-06-2022
Sending you much love from North Carolina! You are one of a kind and you’re a beautiful soul! Thank you for existing and being a badass! <3
2:37am 06-06-2022
Your name Natassia is so beautfiul!! I freaking LOVE YOU. So cool to find this site. Take care. <3
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