12:08pm 12-28-2021
Diggin' the aesthetic. Hope the holidays are treating you right. Don't let the seasonal gloom get the best of you. Can't wait to hear
what new sounds you've been cookin' up.
12:02pm 12-28-2021
Nya Bell
hey girl! Just wanted to show my support man. Times is really hard out here only thing we can do is try to stay as positive as possible and smoke a lil ganja to relieve stress.
12:01pm 12-28-2021
I love you kreayshawn
11:50am 12-28-2021
Your bitch
Bully me master
3:48am 12-28-2021
Hey, cheers for the page. Can't wait to hear new music from you. Merry Christmas xx
11:53pm 12-27-2021
Emily W.
Hey Kreay. Been a fan since i wus bout 13. I turn 21 next month. I absolutely love U! ❤️❤️❤️ Gucci Gucci was the first rap song I ever learned how to rap. Ilysm & your little fam. U are everything. Happy holidayz & happy new yrs. Xoxo gossip Gurl
2:58am 12-27-2021
Darcie from Canada
hi I'm from Vancouver Island Canada. I love how you always keep it real 😻 and that you aren't shy about your depression and anxiety. I have both those too. my dog died the other day so now I'm really really sad he was super old though and started having lots of seizures so it was his time to go. I would never let my animal suffer the kind of death that I watched my mother endure. que sera sera.
1:20pm 12-24-2021
BG from the stack
been fw u since kitty’s x choppas. ive always been a huge fan of your music & creativity. much love from the 510 <3
11:17am 12-23-2021
erin mclovin
i luh luh luh luvvvv you. you were my style inspo and absolutely covered my tumblr back in high school. i was so torn between becoming a scene queen or becoming kreayshawn’s doppelgänger lmao.

anyway i love love you and am so glad to see you bringing the sick diary blog vibes!!
6:44pm 12-20-2021
Hey girl. Never thought I would be dropping a line but came across your site and got to thinking. Been rocking with you since early 08’ and still feeling them vibes. Just want to remind you how amazing of a woman and mother you are. Life is tough no doubt, but girl you are tougher! Be blessed and stay blessed!
12:22pm 12-20-2021
Nice photo beautiful
11:42pm 12-19-2021
Tonight, I close my eyes and fantasize of hooking up with the young adult version of you at a hot night in SF when ur out with your girls , before the songs and when u were on your vid producing grind
9:16pm 12-18-2021
Ass and Ammonia
Ooh I quit smoking by reading Easyway too! It really works and I'm so happy for you!
3:27pm 12-18-2021
Luv u bebi
1:55am 12-18-2021
I love you krey!! 💓💓
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