11:51pm 06-05-2022
Yo! Like the page, also been a fan since 2011 hope you feel better ❤️

2:51pm 06-03-2022
Andrea M.
Hey, Kreay! I hope you are feeling at least a little bit better. Try not to pressure yourself too hard to create anything right now... Now is the time to disappear into your favorite films, games, music, books, etc. Hardcore resting up! Much love to you. <3
12:19am 06-03-2022
Hey love the page I’ve been tuned in for years huge fan
4:42pm 06-02-2022
Please have an expedient recovery! That explains why I never saw more information about an SF show, which since I’m still stuck in the “yay” area I was looking forward to but also explains the scabies tweet? Not really too sure what to say about meds nor therapists since all of the ones I ever dealt with seemed like a waste of time and $. Nonetheless COVID-19 is no joke, my mom passed away from such things back in 2020, albeit before there were vaccines, but she was also a Christian Science practitioner so she wouldn’t have gotten vaccinated anyway. Regardless I hope you feel better soon! There will always be other opportunities for shows, and as bad as the timing may seem for your bf going on tour for a month, the time apart means that maybe you’ll be all healed and not a risk of infecting a loved one? I dunno. I’m terrible at seeing silver linings but that’s my attemp?
2:09pm 06-01-2022
Areye Sique
I was just web surfing today you know how that goes. I found your site by accident. That’s the fun of the World Wide Web. Well anyway your site is really cool. Also is your name kreayshawn like the Ebonics way to spell creation? I hope so because you are very creative. Well got to go. So many more stops on the information super highway!
1:57pm 06-01-2022
Nolie <3
HI KREAY!!!! You're absolutely one of my all time favorite artists hope I get to see you perform live one day
8:30pm 05-30-2022
my ears listen to your music everyday
4:08pm 05-30-2022
you are cool <3
12:09am 05-30-2022

girl I just read your diary and of course you were just out here in the bay to dj lmao ahhhh so close yet so far !

luv u !! 💙
11:52pm 05-29-2022

Hi Krreayshawn !! This site is too dope ! We didn’t have a computer back in the day at our house so I never got to use cute sites like this till. The closest thing was MySpace b4 it died

This is so fun I hella love you forever !!

I first knew of you when I was on tumblr back in the day and I saw GIFs of your Gucci Gucci video ! “Bitch u ain’t no Barbie I c u work @ Arbys #2 supersize hurry up I’m starvin! “ lmfao I was like I need to YouTube this asap and I been hooked ever since !

I was so sad when I lived in Michigan and you cancelled your Pontiac show and then also so did t.mills lmao that was not my year I hope to see you IRL 1 day!

Love u !!
1:47am 05-25-2022
you are the hyphiest of wifeys 🤘🏼☹️
9:48pm 05-22-2022
I learned of your existence about 8 years ago and I feel in love ever since, its pretty bad ass that you have your own site #swag u fr my internet idol)
Stay #based and ThankYouKreayshawn!!! TYK <33333
2:49pm 05-21-2022
Love your vibes. Stay strange stranger.
8:39am 05-20-2022
One Point Rizz
3:01am 05-20-2022
Great guest book idea and the site looks cool so far I might make my own 🤙🏾👍🏾
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