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3:38pm 11-05-2021
chloe perez
kreayshawn is my mom
11:44am 11-03-2021
I'm sorry if my questions are stupid
11:41am 11-03-2021
Kreay, I have a question; I still don't understand what neocities is. Is neocities a web host? You said you used it to make your website. I see that there are connections that load assets to your site from neocities. If I look up your host somewhere else, why does it say its goDaddy though? I also see that other websites have content that they load by themselves, there are no links to neocities. Why is that so? How can they load content by themselves?
10:47am 11-03-2021
this website is great!!!!!!!!!! been talking to my friends for at least the last two years about leaving instagram for good and it seems like everyone's too caught up to make the move. i hope this is a positive trend u've started. sending love
8:47pm 11-02-2021
One big room full of bad bitches🎶
8:03pm 11-02-2021
Love u kreay
3:47am 11-02-2021
Vibin'. Your progress is respectable and this diary idea is genuine. Hopefully its the next step for artists of any kind- Transparency.
12:31am 11-02-2021
TJ Pressley
So, I love your website, and the way it pops out, and gives the attention, I might need someone like you to create me a website like this (But for a restaurant & a landscape architect businesses of mine one day, n trust me I'll pay ya, I tried so many times and failed TERRIBLY lol, but for real I like this 💯
12:23am 11-02-2021
I miss your soles
12:21am 11-02-2021
I think ur so cool!
3:19pm 11-01-2021
3:16pm 11-01-2021
11:47am 11-01-2021
I love all of your songs, you are so talented and beautiful. I wish I was a real close friend because I know you would be the dopest friend in the world. I love you so much and I would love to see you live on stage some day. I love the sound of your voice. I listen to your music every day and I think you are amazing! I love you Kreayshawn!❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍
2:02am 10-31-2021
i found a twitter account i made ten years ago where i was only following two ppl, u and some porn star. i do not even remember making the account, but i remembered thinking u were musically interesting so it was defo my account. so i came here. and i read your posts. and i was like, "this bitch is me in another dimension except cool and a lot better looking", wanna be frens?
12:07am 10-30-2021
Jaxxon Wynn
I'm glad the universe made you dawg, your diary entries made me feel a little bit better about being voided sometime or in lots of pain lol. I got mad respect for you as person. I think you are very genuine and real. Hope you and your family's holidays kick ass!!!! <3
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