1:59pm 04-13-2023
Your the best milf love u
3:15pm 04-12-2023
I like to rub peanut butter on my toes as I listen to your music
2:43pm 04-12-2023
Aarika Brown
Heyyyy lady! Love you!
11:03am 04-12-2023
Wishing u all the best.
Ur fine as hell
ill play missing kitty till i die

12:31am 04-12-2023
ayo kreayshawn, i remember my older brother blasting gucci gucci when it dropped when i was like 9, i’m boutta be 20 now, much love coming from San Antonio Texas💯💯 that song is still the shit to me
9:41pm 04-11-2023
Dan m Philly
9:29am 04-10-2023
Riley heighton
Riley was Here✌️✌️ btw i own a clothing brand hmu if you want free shit cause I fw you’re shit and got inspiration from it🙌🏻
2:08pm 04-09-2023
Isaac Was
heyyy kreayshawn you are the greatest,
I play keys, write music and i make art, if you want anything cool HMU. @wise.lizard on insta and Isaac Was on spotify
7:57pm 04-07-2023
Teenager rager
You fw Homixide gang?
12:27am 04-07-2023
kreay you are so ahead of your time truly a visionary
10:11pm 04-05-2023
im gay and my dick is small
10:05pm 04-05-2023
yo what up krey baby
9:17pm 04-03-2023
Lol I LOVE the late 1990s AOL profile vibe of this website. Love your music too girl, please release something new
1:31pm 04-02-2023
❤️‍🔥 i love ur music sm ❤️‍🔥
11:52am 04-02-2023
ths is awesome sauce.
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