6:52pm 12-17-2021
Maaaan I’ve followed you for years and always felt some kinda connection to you even tho we probably grew up differently with different life experiences. I always looked up to you when I was a teen and now as a mom. You’re a fuckin badass. After reading your posts on here I can see why I always felt that connection. You keep inspiring me and now I’m thinkin it’s time I get back to therapy and get my shit together lol anyways I’m forever wishin you the best my dude. Sendin you all the grrrrl love forever n ever<3
1:37pm 12-12-2021
you're the best!
6:48pm 12-11-2021
Matthew D
Hey natassia I hope you remember me and don’t find me like kreepsville ja kno meeen? I am trying to relaunch my music and can only pay a flat fee of $1,000. I know this isn’t a lot but if you truly knew the kid behind the makeup and hair extensions and eyelashes galore- we’d be true friends. You’re album though might I say I HATE COLUMBIA RECORDS AND ALL THE PEOPLE TRYING TO CHANGE WHO WE ARE, when who we are works for us not against us we can make a record they’ll really wish we gave to them! I don’t know what to call you besides natassia because I’m truly a real “fan” friend whatever man, I need a beat though and since I’m a singer maybe you could rap the hook and chorus with me and add some space for me to be apart of it for my own album of which you’d get a cut (via united masters, premium artist). I sent you a bunch of Walmart stuff because that’s what I could afford then when you had baby Desmond and I want you to know you got a friend in MD @matthewdeckerofficial on Instagram and like shit everywhere else.
A million hugs to you xxxxx hi and bye and love youse ps I recently spoke with Andy milinokais about you and Amy Winehouse! It was awesome. If you want to text me I have an iPhone so iMessage is cool (517)-461-5063 is my number holla at me hun.
6:33pm 12-11-2021
these sites are unbelievable im so in luv. lol brings back hella old memories
4:41pm 12-11-2021
dis my shit
11:54am 12-11-2021
wow.. awesomesauce
9:15pm 12-09-2021
Love reading these, reminds me of Xanga <3
5:33pm 12-09-2021
Absolutely insane site(s)!! Love the diary+music most, ty and please keep it up!
10:00pm 12-08-2021
Cool site
2:33pm 12-08-2021
This is so cute!! Reminds me of my sister a lot which is super sentimental for me but I hope you are having a good day!!!
3:13am 12-08-2021
I love u. Thanks for reminding me its ok to be my self and not everyone is happy all the time. Your music is an inspo and hype to everyday life 🙌 ✨ 😌 hmu @angelcyberbaby lol
1:25am 12-08-2021
This site has the 90s feel, good job miss
12:35am 12-08-2021
Thank you so much for posting the link to affordable mental healthcare across the US a few years ago. I’ve shared it with many people and I would have never known if not for you sharing the resource.
11:37pm 12-07-2021
carlos trang
3:49pm 12-07-2021
Hi babe I got you lol
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