4:33pm 02-04-2022
Alan Greene
Hey kray hope everything been going good just wanted to sign your guest book much love all the from the TIP!!! Of Washington All The way to you 🤘🤘
11:24am 02-03-2022
i love you you were my childhood <3
11:32pm 01-28-2022
nyan nyan
Hug me
12:46am 01-28-2022
Thank you for your kind heart. I am a stranger with no friends and it was nice to read about how you helped that woman who left the abusive situation. I’m still stuck in mine but sometimes I wonder who I could become if I am ever able to figure out how to leave. I feel like I’m living a lie, I tell him I love him everyday, maybe I still do which is probably not a good thing, but the words feel hollow. Also, I think you said on Instagram you were on Zoloft...i always thought Zoloft was supposed to make people lose weight but I also gained weight while I was on it. I’ve been fat my whole life and I had lost 20 lbs in college and when I stopped working out I gained it back, I lost it again but went on Zoloft and stopped working out again and normally I would just gain the 20ish lbs back but that time I gained 40ish, so I kinda thought it was the meds. Also, just a thought every time in my life I went thru a period of not eating enough I ended up gaining more weight later overall. I used to be embarrassed as a child to eat in front of people because I was a fat kid and people used to say bullshit to me about eating and being fat and my mom had me on weight watchers in middle school, so I stopped eating lunch at school and I wouldn’t eat between like 6am-ish to like 3pm-ish from middle school thru high school. I think my low self-esteem from growing up as a fat kid in combination with being raised in a strict gender-roled religion really groomed me up for getting into this unhealthy af relationship/situation. I regret moving in with him everyday, it’s been 5.5 yrs since I moved in with him and I feel like I’m stuck in a alternate timeline. Anyway hate to be a downer but I really do appreciate what you do and represent for women and I appreciated reading how you helped that mom and it means a lot to me when people are kind and helpful to women who have been in those situations, I don’t have a lot of hope for myself but I think I can start to feel some a little bit to know that there are caring people out there.
4:14pm 01-27-2022
Ah ee hold it down queen 🖤
12:24am 01-22-2022
femme femme
natassia’s the best
7:36pm 01-21-2022
Sonic Dash-Dash
7:34pm 01-21-2022
Sonic Dash-Dash
9:22pm 01-20-2022
emilien (mimi)
luv u & all u do much love
6:28pm 01-20-2022
Your entry abt your mom friend made me cry 😿 it’s a gift to be able to support and give !!
2:37pm 01-20-2022
Brand New
Love the Brand New reference you had on twitter

2:36pm 01-20-2022
Brand New
Love the Brand New reference you had on twitter link

9:20am 01-20-2022
Being around the same age I feel the same headspace and enjoy your writing and musings on the perspectives of what's current and happening. I love to see however you chose to express yourself because you always do dope shit.
12:39pm 01-19-2022
so 90's.... i digs it
12:02pm 01-19-2022
actually i n s a ne
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