1:49pm 08-19-2022
Hi queen. Your transparency is dope. I feel what you’re saying dude. We’re all just trying to figure shit out. I hope today treats you well. You got this
5:22am 08-19-2022
been fw u since I was in middle school, luv ur personality sm and ‘god bless this doobie’ will 4EVER be my fave smoking song <3
5:23pm 08-18-2022
hey kreay, longtime fan here. I have so many great memories that are soundtracked by your songs. sending you lots of good energy to help get your mind & body feeling better <3 I think I read somewhere once you got expelled from school when you were a kid for threatening to throw a watermelon at some girl & whether or not it’s true, you’re a g for that. your website makes me miss MySpace & spending hours working on my layout, listening to MySpace Music, and posting on the Bulletin board lol. love you kreay, have a great rest of your day <3
4:39pm 08-18-2022
Dope page girl you are fine as fuck
4:23pm 08-18-2022
Big Mike
Thank you for staying real with the fan$
4:16pm 08-18-2022
Hi Kreay, thank u for being real. I’m sorry you’re feeling like u wanna quit DJing. I hope u find a way to continue your passions in a way that makes u feel exceptional because u are. U deserve to feel your very best when performing and sharing music online or irl. U are very innovative. U inspire and u consistently remind artists like myself that our dreams, ideas, etc. are validated and possible. Thank u! Xx
6:12pm 08-17-2022
Hi Natassia, ive been listening to your music before but i stopped and yesterday your song bumpin2 played in my head so i googled you. I found this site and read you diary. Thank you for being true and just being you. I dont know if you needed to hear this from a stranger but know that someone really loves you and his name is Jesus.. this is a video of Ryan ries and his story . I related to it somehow. Ryan ries white chair
2:04am 08-17-2022
Hi Kreay! Love your page. reminds me of simpler times.
8:52pm 08-15-2022
throwback to myspace & allpoetry days 🤘 i love it! Love u
4:33pm 08-15-2022
This has a strong Geocities vibe. I like it.
3:04pm 08-15-2022
Hi Natassia, I saw you on Christina P’s Instagram, just want to say I love your website! It takes me back to happier times and HTML fun. Much love!
2:33pm 08-15-2022
love you Natassia ✨✨✨
7:13pm 08-14-2022
ilykryshwn also gud luck at skoo this year 2 ur kid
9:12am 08-14-2022
Gang gang 😎
4:04am 08-14-2022
You’re an inspirational being Krey ♥️ You should really be so proud of yourself and all you have accomplished. We love you!
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