5:14am 02-18-2022
i love u kreyshdjwn
2:53pm 02-16-2022
You should appreciate both of your beauties and esthetics and not try to compare the way you look now to them. You are a thicker MILF now and before you had an slimmer sexy youthful innervative hipster chick look. Ones not better than the other; they both can be appreciate for their different features. You can’t compare an apple to an orange, just appreciate the way you looked then and the way you look now. Thanks and I hope you enjoy this advice. I will still cooooom to both then and now
11:03pm 02-15-2022
V-Nasty came closer the screen😏😏😏
1:51am 02-14-2022
dave online is
i dont know what is happening in my life and I dont understand the internet, stumbled upon today and went down the raBBIT hole....... Seattle is the weirdest fucking place on earth. my existence and my friends existences are
absolute phenomenon's
12:48pm 02-13-2022
Kreayshawn, I feel like it's gonna be a long one, idk if there are any character limits but hell yeah let's go for it ; I'm writing this because I'm stoned and listening to your tunes, the ones I always adored, that I know I always will ; Bumpin Bumpin is the track I listened to the most since 2007, when I started scrobbling all my music on ; more than 500 plays, and 300 for the Adeptus Acid Dub Remix, (as well as foolin&manuverin, luv haus, bff, killin hoes, online fantasy.. such iconic tracks that weirdly never seem to get old?)
I've discovered and listened to so many genres after that, but your music just seems timeless, it always speaks to me, whatever my era of the moment seems to be. I relate to every single note, every single word you sing, that's just so weird.
(Do you want to know what is funny now? I'm currently listening to Online Fantasy right now, and it seems odd to appear as such an obsessive fan when I think about the video of that iconic track aha!)
I just want you to know, Kreayshawn, Natassia, that you are very important to me, even beyond your music ; I've been following you since you popped out of nowhere, gucciguccing the industry without warning, and I could never let go of you ever since. everything you've ever created brought me love and joy every time, you truly shine like a diamond. I've just been following you, in a non-creepy way I assure, and appreciating the chance to just check on you sometimes, even tho ofc social media isn't real life, but whatever, just have news, like from an old friend, I'm not sure?)
anyways, I'm also just so glad you've been writing entries in your journal because I just relate so much for various things you seem to go through some times ; it just always makes me feel good to read you, not because you're not so well sometimes, but because you seem to be a struggling yet so strong and inspiring human, being in some ways I feel like I am myself. Our lives of course are so different, but it's not about that. Anyways, you get it, it's just something I really wanted to say.
All I hope for you is what could be linked to an idea of happiness, even though I'm not so sure such a thing actually exists. Maybe more a significant peace of mind? This comment wasn't meant to give any advice, so I wont try to find any, but I wish you loads of love and light, Natassia <3 Thank you for existing.
10:49am 02-12-2022
beth palmer
... hi there kreayshawn ...
... i like the kreayshawn tracks + sound recordings ...
... firetruck ... gucci gucci ... go hard la la la ... missing kitty ... summertime ... bumpin bumpin ... breakfast syrup ... and many more !!! ... glowing blonde is a good look for kreayshawn ...
... the film clips with kreayshawn + lil debbie are fun ...
... the kreayshawn film clips are working for me ...
... anytime kreayshawn is welcome to post on my facebook page ...
... i look forward to hearing from you, kiddo...
... ...
... later alligator from beth palmer ...
4:10pm 02-11-2022
sav aka slug
reading ur entries reminds me of when i journaled daily as a teen and im in this warm nostalgia it’s noice.
tysm for being transparent + real af <33
i’m trying mi best to stay present and not get lost iN the sauce. life has been testing me. life tests everyone tho. thanks life??

good energy from mi to u,
sav aka slug
7:23am 02-11-2022
hi, ilysm and reading your entries makes me feel so much less alone. I have a 3 year old son that I raise on my own, he is Autistic. He is the best thing that’s ever happened 2 me. His dad is kinda involved, kinda not. I moved over 800 miles away to escape pretty much, left Cali and all of my family n friends. I don’t really have anyone here. I am also in recovery. IG depresses the fuck out of me. It feels so cold and distant, and I am craving connection now more than ever. I miss MySpace. It was such a safe space T.T anyway I finally made my own neocities, and I feel like this is gonna help me a lot. Ty for being you. I hope u know how much your vulnerability has helped me work through some of my own stuff. I love you and I’m always hoping the best for you<33 xox knottie
6:20pm 02-10-2022
luv u kreay <33
5:05pm 02-10-2022
pee pee unchi nyanπŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—
10:12pm 02-07-2022
Thanks for the diary updates! It is as if a little corner of the web is less corporate and hegemonic and has unique personal flavor and I dig it. I wish more would follow your lead!

Trippy about the date that went awry and getting back together with your ex. Maybe since I am divorced and used to hope that my ex would have a change of heart, or maybe similar feelings about someone else in my past who left me, but I can't really relate to that other than having had a desire for such things. Despite being single for years, I still wonder how much I struggle with co-dependency, and how much of my struggle livin 'n breathin is due to maladaptive inter-dependency?

Anyway, thanks for the updates!
2:13am 02-07-2022
Omg I had no idea you were into coding and making websites and webpages. I can so relate to missing sites like xanga,myspace, geocitites and designing your page how you like it. Express your creativity and play your music on your page.FB/IG sucks. I found you bc I had your lyrics stuck in my head but didn't remember the full lyrics. I had "bitch you ain't no barbie" stuck in my head and I looked up the lyrics and the rest was "I see you work at Arby's". Then I looked you up and went to your IG and found your amazing site with great content, very nostalgic. Keep up the good work. Oh and I love your songs. You are an amazing artist. Come check out my webpage sometimes
9:23pm 02-06-2022
I WUz here!!!!1!!1!1!!!!!1
7:54pm 02-06-2022
stay based
9:12pm 02-05-2022
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