6:36pm 04-15-2022
Feels like I'm being watched,chances are I probably am.all the time. I just don't care. Been pretty lazy. Mind feels like it's being pulled in different directions. Thinking alot. My heart is in two places. People.2.
9:53pm 04-14-2022
Michael A. Nieves
6:01pm 04-13-2022
Safe travels on your road trip and I hope the 8th wonder of the world is rad a.f.!
As a fellow parent I can relate to the kids driving me nuts memories too, but they really grow up fast. My son turns 22 in the next week or so and he hasn’t spoken with me since 2012, so I dunno, I’d rather put up with whatever antics kids may throw at me than a decade long silent treatment? Things could always be worse I suppose, I do what I can to make the most of each day and accentuate the positive, even if Mr. in between really wants me to settle for him all the time, to make a reference to some song lyrics which are even before my time.
8:53pm 04-12-2022
Love you kreay. No, like actually let me take care of you emotionally and make you feel safe. bye thanks for stopping by
9:41am 04-12-2022
Been riding since Gucci Gucci, Love you girl!!!
12:54am 04-12-2022
Bettie Pager
kreayshawn will always be my biggest influence when it comes to fashion,, her style in 2010s totally fascinated me as a kid and tbh outfits she wore inspired me to start creating my own clothes n shit. thank you queen kreay for all the amazing style inspiration
9:34pm 04-10-2022
Jacob Carroll
I love you Desmond
3:27pm 04-10-2022
just thx for your music
1:05am 04-10-2022
Hey! I check for updates on your diary! I can't wait til we're fixed!
10:37am 04-08-2022
I miss hangin out with you on Twitch. Hope you're doing good.
9:57am 04-07-2022
Iconic music
12:27pm 04-06-2022
ur an inspiration and u fly as fok luv u sm always xoxoxox
7:34pm 04-05-2022
audrey mccurry
hi bb youre awesome! keep being the revolution!!
7:38am 04-05-2022
Gucci Gucci
Louis Louis
Fendi Fendi
4:57am 04-05-2022
Come take a ride on the cyclone, i miss you 😘
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