2:55pm 08-06-2022
Keewind E. Menra
"heart emoticon's". - Keewind
1:12pm 08-03-2022
so fucking cool of you to have this page up, i want one of my own now.
11:05am 08-03-2022
Your music is the best Kreayshawn. Your sound is just so unique, and you're on another level!! I've been rockin' out since 2016. I love "Go Hard". I made a Pandora playlist based off of "Go Hard," and it has all this new energy. Keep doing your thing even if it's not on a massive level.
9:11am 08-02-2022
Hello from TX! Today is a new day, Kraey - keep up with eating clean, hydrating and staying positive! You got this, girl! It'll be hard at first, but slowly but surely, it'll all come together. It's kinda like getting back into working out... BABY STEPS. Miss your videos, creativity and damn, you gotta collab w/Grimes sometime! Big fan of yours since the early days and I fuckikng love this HTML website. Def brings me back to the Geocities days... <3 xoxo -Jessica
11:27pm 08-01-2022
Kreay u a baddie n fuck all mens
2:46am 07-31-2022
Please Tell Vnasty.

2:41am 07-31-2022
sanny chann
Still Biggest 👀❤️ YOU🤣🤣
2:32pm 07-29-2022
Damn Kreayshawn be all about computer freedom, I thought a badass bitch could get no more badass but here we are
4:15pm 07-28-2022
cool site! hope you're doing good, we can all use some good vibes lately
2:15pm 07-28-2022
Kreay, you are bomb
1:52pm 07-28-2022
It's over for me
SO awesome kreyshawn was wondering what you were up to, an inspiration as always
1:32pm 07-28-2022
Wow!!! This takes me back. I love the visuals. I wish I can make myself a website like this.
11:48am 07-28-2022
christian lossi
dc5ghost have a blessed day
5:24pm 07-25-2022
what up gang. sending positive vibes to all viewing this message.

luv from vaanes
10:47am 07-25-2022
luv u sm keep up ur amazing work!!! so much love from south korea (*´∀`)♪
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