5:16pm 11-14-2021
I appreciate you & all that you have contributed to bay culture ughhhhhhhhh

Thank you so much for this form of expression
3:12pm 11-14-2021
Nice xanga throwback. Feel like I'm reading my own diary. The panic attacks, agoraphobia, seizures, meds, even needing my septum fixed have been my adult ass life. I'm alone all the time I have that need for female energy around me too. Ig sucks I miss the old internet days. I love your site and keep on trucking
10:58pm 11-13-2021
Oops! I didn’t realize responses weren’t private! Haha wouldn’t have posted my number. My daughter is laughing at me and teasing me for posting my number 😅
10:52pm 11-13-2021
What’s up Natassia!

I haven’t been on social media in a long while. I wanted to show the kids old footage of their dad that I remembered you recording from back in the day and I came across your Twitter and your new site. I read some of your online diary. You have always been a strong soul out here.. you’re strength is a beautiful thing. Life can be challenging, just remember to remain focused and positive. It makes all the difference. I’m always here if you ever wanna talk 5102900901. Peace and Blessings, I’ll be lifting you and you sun up in prayer.. it helps me a lot personally with my own issues/feelings/emotions/strength. I too feel like I wanna move away these days. I feel it may be close.. change is healthy. Sending you love girl.

Gina (Gski)
3:18pm 11-13-2021

Just found ur site and binge read your diary. The transparency is real af and refreshing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and days! I’ve recently found the combo of meds that works for me, one being Buspar & it’s wild how much of an influence it + therapy have been. Rooting for ur healing and growth in this next chapter! U got a friend in me
10:25am 11-13-2021
hey kreay. i really like your diary. it is kind of depressing but also makes me feel more normal. so i appreciate your ~*vulnerability*~ i’m 28 with an almost 8 year old and single now. so all your break up posts make me feel like i’m not the only crazy or sad person in the world. good luck on your journey through break up i also binged shameless and girls next door recently. it must be a sad girl thing to do. add bad girls club in there to really distract yourself with chaos lol
12:04am 11-13-2021
Eric Draven
Thanks for posting your thoughts. It makes me feel good to know people have some of the same shit going on as I do. Keep your head up! Sending positive vibes from Texas
1:36pm 11-12-2021
12:48pm 11-12-2021
Andrew Geluso
Everyone who isnt lost is searching like u for something more. . Knowing this isn't it what we want and search for is lost in all algorithms
8:50am 11-12-2021

So excited to see you out here with a new website!!

I love everything you're doing and how you're even offering to help others make sites! That is HUGE!!! Seriously thank you thank you so much for promoting this site of the net.

I also wanted to mention I read an article about you on the site Vulture from last year about how you're in debt with Sony. The music industry is BEYOND FUCKED!! It's amazing that you still find the strength to make your OWN music on your OWN terms, seriously gurl, keep on keepin on <3
10:03pm 11-11-2021
Sending positive vibes your way….. you’re not alone, try to check out the app called Talklife, it’s helped me with being alone etc…..
I just adopted a dog too and he has changed my life for the better! Ttys
9:58pm 11-11-2021
You deserve happiness
9:18pm 11-11-2021
Yo Natasha, hang in there, sorry for whatever happened, your ex is a shitshow, your SoundCloud likes inspire me everyday. I'm stuck in a building for the past two weeks doing a clinical study in Texas and your journal and website have been a nice thing to look at. I'm almost free but I feel like a prisoner now. Rock on. R
7:15pm 11-11-2021
Dope website, homie.
7:15pm 11-11-2021
Dope website, homie.
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