12:06pm 03-27-2022
Just sending some positive vibes your way Can't wait to see another KJ$ set!
4:26pm 03-25-2022
Lonny X
Bumpin bumpin
2:15am 03-25-2022
rainy skies
Hey! Love you and hope you are doing okay. Was just listening to Marble Phone and thinking about you today.

I hold my fist up and I shake it to them cloudy skies !! <3
7:03pm 03-24-2022
luv u gurl
3:59am 03-24-2022
I got myspace vibes from the look! Awesome. You are one interesting human. Love your style, music, and whole chill vibe in general. I deal with anxiety also, and it blows dick. I feel your pain, and sometimes I feel detached, anxious, and like nothing really matters in the long run also. But, keep moving forward, do u, and one day if I ever meet u randomly, I'm gonna give u a hug, and ask if it was ok after the fact. Because u are a beautiful, creative soul. And Btw, I love ya for it.
8:43am 03-23-2022
Maritza Guerra Baca
I’m in biology class, sick website
10:32pm 03-22-2022
www dot
This website is cool and its sick that you made it. Bring back web 1.0 and fuck all the ad ghouls
8:26pm 03-22-2022
love you kreay you’re my favorite libra website is dope asf
3:29pm 03-22-2022
This feels real 2000ish n i like it. Kitty song brought me here. Dont hit kitties w ur cars. Also. 🫢🏽
3:02pm 03-22-2022
Damyen Kazuki
Heyyyyyyyy Kresyahwn, I REALLY REALLY love your sense of humor and the music you make. Missing kitty is my jammmmm i play to seduce my man. This website is a hella throw back and I love the style. NEW MIXTAPE WHEN ? UR LEGEND
you deserve to god diamond
2:37pm 03-22-2022
Metal Ally
hey girl! Your blog is 1000% rad. Sometimes I spend hours just comparing font colors and theme options. Feels like home here. whooaaa you are the bessssst!!

Shout-out to the creepiest hotel everrrr. U so brave for sleeping there. Did they at least have clown shaped pancakes for breakfast?
2:22pm 03-22-2022
What Up Wit'cha Kreay,This Rev...I Had To Stop By And Show A Great Artist Like Yourself Some Love And Compassion From One Artist To Another One With Love For Real Mane... Nevertheless,I Would Appreciate It If You'd Return The Love By Going And Checking Me And My Record Label Out At: An Spread Some Compassion All Over My Page For Me Too Alright Beautiful MUAHHH πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’―πŸ‘‘βœπŸΎ...-πŸ‘‘Revelation.©οΈ®οΈβœ”️
1:51am 03-14-2022
Love this throwback webpage design.. Sending love to you and yours Kreay mamas.. keep being authentically you.. it's a fuckin' good look Mamacita! ❀️😘#BayArea girls do it BETTER!! πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸŽΆπŸ’―
12:42am 03-13-2022
3:17pm 03-12-2022
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