4:12pm 12-30-2021
hey girlll xD! luv ur page. maybe we can hang out l8er? sean wants to know if ur single
8:18am 12-30-2021
Yo just got off of AOL and checked our ur site. Pretty cool. Going to surf lycos now for a minute 🌊 🌊 c u in Tha chat room.
1:32pm 12-29-2021
12:56pm 12-29-2021
PL Box loves you all
12:53pm 12-29-2021
The world needs to see your timeless classic masterpiece. Touch grass and be outside. 15 years ago lifestyles
3:09am 12-29-2021
1:25am 12-29-2021
How weird is getting older??? I feel it too babe oxo
8:48pm 12-28-2021
Reading your diary has been placed on my path for a reason . Reading through your entries I almost cried because I have the same thought pattern as you and never have told a soul because I feel like no one will understand me. Please keep them coming it’s comforting to know someone thinks like me. Sending you positive vibes to you & Dez
8:10pm 12-28-2021
Hi! Been following you for awhile now. I actually had a twitter fan account and met you in LA when you were preggo Lmao look anyway, just wanted you to know I’m rooting for you from one sober old lady in the 30s club to another!
5:48pm 12-28-2021
Wasssssupppppp LYLAS please write back xoxooxo
3:54pm 12-28-2021
Love you kreay! Shits been crazy in the world and to say the least - its been ROUGH. Sending love and light to you and Dez. ❤
2:57pm 12-28-2021
Jamie Santoro
Obsessed w/u since day 1 💖 -Another 32 yo sober mom 💅🏻
2:20pm 12-28-2021
The mango man
1:42pm 12-28-2021
just hi and love you! 💕
1:34pm 12-28-2021
Ur awesome & ur diary is super relatable & I really enjoy your website!
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