10:02pm 09-14-2022
Malaysia Howard
We need new music Kre!❤️🥲
8:29pm 09-14-2022
You aren’t alone you got this
8:04pm 09-14-2022
Cinematic Romance
I'm here to ask for stems.
I'm a melodic dubstep producer.

Stay up dawg
10:05am 09-14-2022
you a real 1 fasho
2:59pm 09-13-2022
Good luck with the hormone stuff. Biology is weird. I was a study budy I'm school and passed that class OK and all, but something about it never sat quite right with me? Now I'm taking a Nyingma Buddhist Mysticism class and my Sifu I've also trained under a lot of Daoist stuff over the decades and they seem to have some different perspectives on things beyond just the gross material organs and glands and secretions and such. However, as a student I can't claim to be as straight A in those realms, a lot of it is spiritual in nature and I feel as if either you've got it or you don't and most times I feel as if I don't got it. In other words, I hope the Western doctors have some helpful suggestions, because I doubt I'll have much insight to offer even if I graduate in a few years. That's cute to read about falling asleep on your ex's lap. Admittedly, having had my heart strings pulled by some exes after we broke up, I can't help but wonder how he's feeling about it all? Who can predict the future though? Good luck!
3:38pm 09-11-2022
Destiny Martinez
I’ll be chilling here from now on , no google, no Instagram
12:16pm 09-11-2022
Super happy to find you 'round these parts Kraeyshawn.
2:52pm 09-09-2022
90's generation
90's generation's styles much ?
4:11am 09-09-2022
11:30pm 09-08-2022
This is the most unique website on the web. A breath of fresh air from typical, corporate crap. It's creatively inspiring. Love checking it out. Big-time entertaining.
10:53pm 09-08-2022
Reynaaaa from flawda
Love u girly
8:36pm 09-05-2022
Shtink wuz here<3 H.A.G.S . Ily had fun clicking around
11:27am 09-05-2022
helicopter jet
shoot up hell with military guns. bring the fire out. bring the klux out.
10:53pm 09-04-2022
thicc thot
go listen to skud fm on soundcloud
7:50am 09-04-2022
Your Twin
You’re hella cool. -someone who is from the mission, SF ♥️
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