2:32pm 07-29-2022
Damn Kreayshawn be all about computer freedom, I thought a badass bitch could get no more badass but here we are
4:15pm 07-28-2022
cool site! hope you're doing good, we can all use some good vibes lately
2:15pm 07-28-2022
Kreay, you are bomb
1:52pm 07-28-2022
It's over for me
SO awesome kreyshawn was wondering what you were up to, an inspiration as always
1:32pm 07-28-2022
Wow!!! This takes me back. I love the visuals. I wish I can make myself a website like this.
11:48am 07-28-2022
christian lossi
dc5ghost have a blessed day
5:24pm 07-25-2022
what up gang. sending positive vibes to all viewing this message.

luv from vaanes
10:47am 07-25-2022
luv u sm keep up ur amazing work!!! so much love from south korea (*´∀`)♪
8:21pm 07-24-2022
Can you please make a video for rich whore you go soooi damn hard in that song boo
6:10am 07-23-2022
fnaf @ freddies is this where u wanna b
4:26pm 07-22-2022
OMBY so glad you are eating better, keep it up👏. I have some shades I want to send you cuz they don’t fit me but they’re so stylee you could def rock them🕶🤡👌
4:42am 07-22-2022
Dani :3
Kreay, you’re so fucking talented !!! such a pioneer and ahead of your time much love from the bay, I be bumping ur shit everyday !!!
3:13pm 07-19-2022
I'm sorry to read about the break up. I guess if I were in his shoes, I would be like, "Well, at least she wanted to be with me again even after we broke up the first time and now I've got my name tattooed on her, so that's a win?" While probably sinking into a deep depression of heart break that lasts for years and years knowing how other break ups I've endured have gone?

I'm grateful to read that you are apparently eating better too!

Also, yay mom-mode! It can be difficult a.f. even without kids in this age of Kali Yuga. Nonetheless, having kids I think helps me strive to do better for them and the future even when I don't give a.f. about myself. Unfortunately, nothing I do ever seems good enough, but as long as I am still breathing I guess I strive to keep on going and hope that whatever additional problems I encounter I can prevail over eventually?

Good luck staying cool. Air conditioning and HVAC systems help a lot for locales which otherwise seem uninhabitable.
9:34am 07-19-2022
make scat onlyfans content ples
1:09am 07-18-2022
U r forever
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