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7:58pm 10-29-2021
Jose V
I hate Gucci Gucci too, but love you. You’re one of my favorite artist. Love Babycakes
3:21pm 10-29-2021
definitely looking forward now to reading your blog posts!! lmao im such a kreayshawn stan jk jk hopefully you're doing well today!!! your twitch fam misses you!! <333333
2:58pm 10-29-2021
both ur dj sets at heav3n this year made me tear up, while furiously double foot stomping and screaming, getting pommeled by hxc and punching tha fuck outta the air in front of me. ty for those life affirming experiences.
1:41pm 10-29-2021
you were like my idol when i was 15. i still love u the same n im thinking about being a mom now and being sober at 24 but likk nahh too
11:59am 10-29-2021
Awesome page! Been for a long time and when I saw you YMH I was oh no shit. Then you created the mom song too funny keep rocking it (BTW you look good)
11:32am 10-29-2021
hi kreay u made me want to escape Instagram and make my own website cool af
11:09am 10-29-2021
ur so cool
7:00am 10-29-2021
kreay i love this so much!! just read all your diary entries and i love how you share uncensored even in your ig captions. i feel like you’re the only person who really connects in a way i’d want to and i feel like you get me lol it’s truly fearless and badass and i love your website! i have so much fun designing one i’m doing for my work stuff but i honestly love the designing part more than the actual selling lol. youre an icon in a generation of drones fr fr love you
5:35am 10-29-2021
Been listening to you since 2011! Love you sm!!! <3
2:13am 10-29-2021
Floated here from Chicago after seeing instag post... Checked it out read couple things... story bout gma is intriguing . Funny you hate your own song and yesss super myspace vibes slight blast from past . Dope . Stay well
12:28am 10-29-2021
Pixel Hustler
I'm down. Support the spirit in f your cause.
12:18am 10-29-2021
P.s this whole website idea gives me myspace nostalgia!!
12:16am 10-29-2021
Cant wait for your next album! You are a true artist!!
12:15am 10-29-2021
i love this site, i want my own, i totally agree with what u said about not being able to post long-form stream of consciousness shit on other platforms. so i fuck w this. now i want a site. i hope u start feeling better more consistently
11:48pm 10-28-2021
I love you thank you for inspiring me! <33
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