3:49pm 07-20-2023
Baby L
Love you
1:34pm 07-19-2023
Shew ! I feel a lot of what ur saying.. hang in there no new diary entries, trying to stay sober
8:14pm 07-16-2023
Joey Daytona
Yeah, saw your Insta live today and I have been sober since my dad died 10 years ago. I found him and a month later he came to me in a dream and I asked if he was OK and he said he was. Then he looked at me and said, stop keeping score, and when I woke up I knew exactly what he meant. I quit partying after that and got sober. Changed my life. I used to VJ here in NY and would play your vids around 2am and folks went off, as you know the power of your music. I support you and sincerely care. I know having a hardcore persona can be a tough suit to wear...
7:26pm 07-14-2023
not doing gud over here gonna need some gamer mom gta twitch streams going pls
7:15am 07-14-2023
qНормально наваливаешь басса
12:57am 07-14-2023
Well you’re just the best. ANNNDDDD During the fidget spinner erA… I was the first fidget spinner you signed in Oakland when you were there djing. Thank you so fucking much for that!!!
8:43pm 07-13-2023
a dope soul ☆゚・*:.。.☆†_(゚▽゚*)β☆.。.:*・゚☆
12:59pm 07-07-2023
Jack Palance
I first saw the Gucci Gucci video on Canadian music station Much Vibe in 2011 i was heading out the door to go to the bar. I was like damn this girl can flow. I loved the song immediately. I personally cant believe that the song MURDER with you and VNASTY never became a mega hit. If that song woulda been a bit longer with a chorus i guarantee it woulda bacame huge! Anyway keep doing your thing. ANTI ABUSE FREESTYLE was sick too (Y)
3:14am 07-06-2023
Junior <33 (npom)
HEY! I just wanted to say that you've inspired me so much. Your song "summertime" is my fav!
5:47pm 07-02-2023
To: Kreayshawn
Hello Natassia, this is the second time I write. I really feel a good connection with you. I am also detached from society and this is where I only write. No social media I swear. Have a great 4th of July and a wonderful life.

With lots of LOVE
Sincerely yours, Jerry
3:12am 06-24-2023
i love u and ur music
7:40am 06-22-2023
7:42pm 06-21-2023
Hannah m
This is such a throwback ily Kreashawn 😍 xoxo
5:08pm 06-21-2023
bikiki bikiki bikiki bikiki <33
9:11pm 06-20-2023
honestly, I'm not super into your music but your website is the best of any musician's I've ever seen
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