12:54am 04-12-2022
Bettie Pager
kreayshawn will always be my biggest influence when it comes to fashion,, her style in 2010s totally fascinated me as a kid and tbh outfits she wore inspired me to start creating my own clothes n shit. thank you queen kreay for all the amazing style inspiration
9:34pm 04-10-2022
Jacob Carroll
I love you Desmond
3:27pm 04-10-2022
just thx for your music
1:05am 04-10-2022
Hey! I check for updates on your diary! I can't wait til we're fixed!
10:37am 04-08-2022
I miss hangin out with you on Twitch. Hope you're doing good.
9:57am 04-07-2022
Iconic music
12:27pm 04-06-2022
ur an inspiration and u fly as fok luv u sm always xoxoxox
7:34pm 04-05-2022
audrey mccurry
hi bb youre awesome! keep being the revolution!!
7:38am 04-05-2022
Gucci Gucci
Louis Louis
Fendi Fendi
4:57am 04-05-2022
Come take a ride on the cyclone, i miss you 😘
10:56pm 04-04-2022
This is so cool. Hi 😁
8:49pm 04-03-2022
That lamotrigine rash is incredibly rare. It’s 6 days past your journal entry about it so if you’re not in the hospital yet you’re going to be fine. Lamotrigine/Lamictil/same thing is helpful for me. Atypical Anti-Psychotics are also popular for depression these days. Ask your doctor about anti-psychotics! They’ve actually helped my depression more than most meds I’ve tried and I’m old so I’ve tried a lot.
I’m a fan of your work. I hope you keep creating and your mental illness starts leaving you the fuck alone. Nice coding. Take care.
9:25am 04-02-2022
Old timey Pirate
7:17pm 03-29-2022
IKEA SHAWTY GO HARD awwwwwwwwwwww look at that IKEA wrist band! IKEA SHAWTY BACK WHEN U WAS DAT IKEA GIRL! we love your stories about your job corps experience leading to your IKEA Paul Frank Julius days those days looked so fun when u was young and wild!! WE LOVED YOU!!!
3:49pm 03-29-2022
I’ve literally been keeping up with you and your music since 2012 you are a work of art<3333 loves u xoxo:0
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