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5:55pm 11-22-2021
Ryder Dyer
Been following you for about five years. I love you so much. You make me very happy and smile.
4:43pm 11-22-2021
I babe I like your vibe lol, stay healthy and long live Kreayashawn if I remembered correctly
12:06pm 11-22-2021
hi kreay <3 love from oakland. Still remember when you used to shoot db the general videos. Hope ur well, love u
11:40am 11-22-2021
ilysm kreayshawn cute ass diary <3
6:13am 11-22-2021
dis site crazy dawg. much love and success to ya! IG: versacecrybaby
12:44am 11-22-2021
Sick ass site I really appreciate u putting me on w and encouraging people to make websites also sharing ur diary w the internet it's reassuring type shit to hear that someone I admire has similar thoughts Thank u for everything u do ur cool as shit dog

2:12pm 11-21-2021
i <3 u kreay
2:02pm 11-21-2021
I just wannna say thank you for sharing some of the things you have said on here, it makes me feel not so alone. Anxiety is a bitch in general and having it while being a mom is a whole other lvl. I’m a young mom and man this shit is wild. I relate a lot to the things you said and I hope it gets better. I hope you get to move and get the things you want, I relate so god damn much. I’m Going thru the same shit rn. I think we will both get thru this rough patch but damn this shit sucks! But gotta do the damn thang!

With love Bianca & viv
1:48pm 11-21-2021
Hello Kreayshawn!

I noticed I was getting errors when clicking on the link from your Ko-Fi. It appears as if that references whereas some of your other links just point to

According to dig: 600 IN A

(which means you have an A record for associated with the IP address:

However, according to dig for

; IN A

(This is a DNS A record, but has no IP address associated with it)

;; AUTHORITY SECTION: 495 IN SOA 2021101402 28800 7200 604800 600

(These are SOA DNS records, which appear to be pointing to glue records at domain servers at and

So, it looks as though you may want to add an IP address for the www. subdomain as well? You may also be able to use a CNAME instead of an A record, but that may be getting a bit more advanced in DNS administration realms.

Regardless, it seemed worth pointing out. You could also, change the URLs on ko-fi to omit the address and just point to and it would side step those errors until you get them resolved.

You can always move your computer back into your closet I guess? I know long ago when I was still married, and my now ex-wife moved out, the house felt awfully empty, especially when the kids were with her. There is something to having a clean environment too though? Or, maybe you can find a room mate? Or move? So many possibilities! I am not sure which path is right for you. Self help stuff may or may not provide the answers you need, but it at least passes the time and provides additional perspective in my experience.

Glad to read that you seem to be healing since the surgery, may the rest of your recovery be expedient!
12:31pm 11-21-2021
The inside of your brain resides here on These were interesting to read and I really enjoy how you add some music to every entry. Thank you for allowing me to be your guest! Peace and blessing
11:22pm 11-20-2021
love to you Kreay. Know that sharing your worries and anxiety and struggles and victories is making someone who reads it feel less alone. Also you should come visit Portland. If you need a place to stay I cook bomb vegan food and have a big couch and two big cats. I left So Cal for Portland right after quarantine and it has been the best change! Last month I wore your TOBM shirt to a 100gecs show I took my kid to for her 16th bday. So many sweet little weirdos came up to me and said they liked my shirt. And each one of them had something kind or positive to say about you. <3
9:44pm 11-20-2021
Love ur site
1:55am 11-20-2021
haiii gurl! my names is leeches, like leeeeeeeeeeches on ig! I just wanna say me and my BFF r reading ur blogs while playing the music attached, it felt really healing. I will remember this 4 EVERRR!!!! thank u for being ya!!
10:51pm 11-19-2021
Zealot, Opulence
what up what up! Hope all is well. Respect for being candid fr dude- also you into any new hobbies these days? Some folks have super niche hobbies and im kinda on an "expand my mental" sort of deal for now
8:43pm 11-19-2021
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