1:47am 06-24-2022
What's up, kreay? I've posted here before, letting you know about my website where I post all my updates and how I don't have any social media besides YouTube for my videos. Anyway, I'd like to send you me and my friends' old stunt and prank "jackass" DVDs to check out if you feel comfortable sending me your mailing address, I'd love to send them to you. If not, that's cool too.
6:13pm 06-23-2022
i wont u <3
3:08pm 06-23-2022
Your blog gives me nostalgia vibes and makes me miss the time I was 10, lurking through the 2000s Internet, creating diaries, listening to evanescence and fangirling over emotional girls. It's such a warm feeling. Now I'm 22, working 12 hour shifts as a waitress and studying at university, fighting depression
3:23am 06-22-2022
Dope site
5:49pm 06-20-2022
Charles Dannelley
I swear that there's something familiar about you to me, but whatever on thst. I just want to wish you good luck, and to stay happy, stay healthy, and stay beautiful! 👋
2:42pm 06-19-2022

2:28pm 06-19-2022
Adelina (•-•)
I luv you so much kreayshawn
12:38pm 06-19-2022
hay kreay!!! hope Ur doing good, i deal w the same low energy and big anxiety shit so I know how fuckin hard mama life as well as personal life can be. Shit sucks! but Ur still my biggest inspo and I am srsly a huge fan, Love U forever!!!
8:59am 06-19-2022
Matthew decker
I really need you to believe in me the way I did for you. I just want one dream to come true and i dm’d you it. Text makes it all suck but please know I bought two or 4 cds to even support you back in hot topic days….I have nobody and I have a professional setup and guitar.
7:12am 06-19-2022
luv u kreayshawn
4:21am 06-19-2022
How awesome that after all this time you get a shout out on a lil wayne song
1:38am 06-17-2022
You used to call me on my cellphone
7:51pm 06-16-2022
Drewskiii frm ny
I lowkey fuck with the nostalgia to this site.
6:06pm 06-15-2022
Yooooo whattup Kreay. Been a fan for years both me and my best bitch we love you. You got us through high school so thank you fam ❤️ thank you for sharing ur bomb ass website!! Sending love from Austinnn tx come back to us sooon
7:39pm 06-13-2022
Obsessed with your song gucci gucci <3 much love from baytown texas
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