12:55am 05-12-2022
im coming to see u in sf im so excited!!!
10:57am 05-10-2022
#Np Go Hard lalala ♡
12:15pm 05-09-2022
Matthew McDaniel
Hey Kreay, it's Moondog, email me sometime. I write you long messages on here and it says it's spam. You have msgs turned off on Facebook. I don't use Instagram or twitter. I hope you're doing good.
8:27pm 05-08-2022
Happy Mother's Day Kreayshawn
7:34pm 05-08-2022
Kreay, where do I even start. I been bumping you since gucci gucci dropped n I just have always felt connected to your style n your dope ass personality. I had no idea you had a diary n so glad I found a piece of you that can make me feel understood. Keep on keepin on. Pop pops looking down on you n dez n so proud. Xoxo stay pretty
7:15pm 05-08-2022
Girl, your site is CUTE, creative, nostalgic and fresh all at the same time. You being you brings so much to this world. Love and appreciate you always.
5:17am 05-08-2022
Hello World :-) I'm from Germany and I would love to have an autograph.
Ist there a way, to get a signed mini Kreayshawn <3 (photo or something), please? With love from Germany, Michael
9:46am 05-07-2022
I’ve been crying the past week trying to forgive myself for missing you at smoker’s club. I had the bright idea of sleeping in that day and I’m regretting every bit of it. I’m afraid that’ll be the last major show you will have for years since you’re so rare, I don’t think I’ll ever hear Gucci Gucci live in this lifetime.
1:09am 05-06-2022
k pumpo was here
12:33am 05-06-2022
Wen ii thiink of kreayshawn ii thiink of my homegurlz. We aLL grown now doiing our own shiiZ but unforgettable memoriies. Thnx booboo. Ily.
5:18pm 05-05-2022
Barack Obama
Barack Obama
11:11am 05-04-2022
i love that you have a guestbook we can all read and write in!! my mom showed me your music (starting with gucci gucci) when i was in middle school. im 22 now and im playing you at my coffee shop LOLL ily. k bye 🫀💋🙈
10:41am 05-04-2022
Sarah :3
i dance w my kitties to missing kitty all tha time, one of them tries to run outside a lot but only to eat grass
11:24pm 05-03-2022
I remember listening to breakfast with some friends back in 2013. Flash forward when I hear it on a YouTube video and it caught me off guard. Had to check up on your music now and it’s still fuckin slapping. Missing Kitty while owning a cat hits so much different. Keep slaying the game dude.
3:24pm 05-03-2022
I look up to you and think you're honestly a positive influence on me. I have kept up with you for ages now. Wish we wuz irl budddz. much love to u and ur crew
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