3:47pm 01-08-2023
I fuck with this myspace vibe so much!
2:57pm 01-07-2023
Found you on where my moms at. Dove deep on your YouTube. I’m a huge fan now so keep making appearances please you’re hilarious and so admirable
9:54am 01-06-2023
a slave is a slave, does not matter if they live till the earth cannot anymore.

i might be dead soon. but i am a free person, my will is my own.

and all you fucking losers keeping genocide as the backbone humanity.

well i no longer feel so bad for you. as you clearly mean to be evil shits who love to kill others.

love is infinite. but mine is soooo much stronger than yours. and duh we been going at war about this.

love of peace and kindness and warmth and joy. is sooo much better than your shitty love of evil and genocide and cruelty and ignorance.

ima fucking kill every one of ya.

peace mother fuckers. get some and maybe dont get killed by the consequence of swag.
4:37pm 01-05-2023
Luv u kreay <333 keep on doing u ^~^
4:20pm 01-05-2023
Hey Kreay I LUUVVVV U 4evr n alwayz <3
4:17pm 01-05-2023
love u kreayshawn me n my situationship listen 2 u together
4:13pm 01-05-2023
Love you longtime… brrr bad bih
5:27pm 01-02-2023
Will (Scenario1Love)
Wow. This is such a vibe! I run my own skate brand @
You would look so hot in my clothes fr
11:39pm 01-01-2023
You're still one bad Babe and sometimes you're in a room. Happy New Year's 🎉
2:42am 01-01-2023
And happy new year
2:41am 01-01-2023
Kreayshawn I print my own Tshirts and wanna send you some. no brand deal or anything but I think it'd be tight cause I'ma fan. Can I send you some shit or what??
9:26pm 12-31-2022
Nicky nakamoto
Its a celebration 🍾 ✨ 💓 happy new year.
8:19am 12-31-2022
you’re still the hottest b.
11:26pm 12-30-2022
i still love you
12:19pm 12-30-2022
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