11:56pm 05-01-2022
Jihhhhhgullllyy puffff… jihglyyyyyiiyyee puuufffff
6:30pm 04-30-2022
Hey Kreayshawn, I’ve been a fan since Gucci, Gucci lol. I like your vibe as a person and artist. You are one of the coolest artist I know and I can’t wait to meet you one day!! 😎
3:17pm 04-30-2022
Hi kreay! I've been listening to go hard on repeat for the past week since hearing it in a meme and I just can't stop, it's so fucking good. You're a fucking awesome person, that sorry about giving money to the woman leaving her abusive husband was heartwarming. Sorry to hear you've been struggling lately, much love from a stranger in Canada!
2:44am 04-29-2022
what time are u playing at smokers club… will there be dnb/jungle (pls say yes)
1:36am 04-29-2022
thanks for the xtra decade or so of my life.

the world may have kept my body alive. but you kept my spirit alive.

i’ll love you forever. bai
6:21am 04-25-2022
Love the page, very MySpace 🖤
11:08pm 04-24-2022
you are lovely!
9:41pm 04-24-2022
yo you gotta cool website
9:34pm 04-24-2022
I want to pet your website
3:23am 04-16-2022
Flashback Friday yum yum before onlyfans those sexy bed shots, waking up in the am with a young sexy kreayshawn after a fun night out
6:36pm 04-15-2022
Feels like I'm being watched,chances are I probably am.all the time. I just don't care. Been pretty lazy. Mind feels like it's being pulled in different directions. Thinking alot. My heart is in two places. People.2.
9:53pm 04-14-2022
Michael A. Nieves
6:01pm 04-13-2022
Safe travels on your road trip and I hope the 8th wonder of the world is rad a.f.!
As a fellow parent I can relate to the kids driving me nuts memories too, but they really grow up fast. My son turns 22 in the next week or so and he hasn’t spoken with me since 2012, so I dunno, I’d rather put up with whatever antics kids may throw at me than a decade long silent treatment? Things could always be worse I suppose, I do what I can to make the most of each day and accentuate the positive, even if Mr. in between really wants me to settle for him all the time, to make a reference to some song lyrics which are even before my time.
8:53pm 04-12-2022
Love you kreay. No, like actually let me take care of you emotionally and make you feel safe. bye thanks for stopping by
9:41am 04-12-2022
Been riding since Gucci Gucci, Love you girl!!!
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