8:33am 01-06-2022
Layla Teel
Hey ladypants! I got to know did you make a T-shirt that says Kreayshawn is my mom with a dope as lady havin’ a big mouth? And goons! I’m gonna try to send you a picture I live in Iowa smack dab in the middle of nowhere and when I found it at the GW I Peed my pants a little.
10:27pm 01-04-2022
Dustin Deal

What’s up! Thanks for being bold and putting yourself out into the world and sharing your thoughts. I find it difficult at times to do this. I just read where you got HelloFresh. I just cooked my first meal tonight with their ingredients. Pretty damn good! Lol.
Enjoy your travels! Maybe I’ll have a chance to meet you at a festival, or another place. I’ll be at Buku.
Peace ✌️
5:30am 01-02-2022
Novaaa; ☆
8:08pm 01-01-2022
Big Mia
LOVE LOVE LOVE your website!! >:3c
3:40pm 01-01-2022
I Love Your Diary Kreay,Stay Hopeful And If You Ever Need Anything Just Reach Out To Me At My Email Address And Leave Me Your Number So That We Can Get More Connected With One Another You Want To Do So Alright Goddess,Be Blessed🙏🏾Sincerely✊🏾💪🏾💯✍🏾...-🤴🏾Revelation.©®️✔️
7:34pm 12-31-2021
Heres an awesome 10 year throwback! love you all xoxo Happy New Years

3:45pm 12-31-2021
This takes me back I love it happy new year
11:55am 12-31-2021
2:14am 12-31-2021
2:12am 12-31-2021
LEME_SiP ft. Zoot Leggz (_p.b. Yung Wukaz)
4:12pm 12-30-2021
hey girlll xD! luv ur page. maybe we can hang out l8er? sean wants to know if ur single
8:18am 12-30-2021
Yo just got off of AOL and checked our ur site. Pretty cool. Going to surf lycos now for a minute 🌊 🌊 c u in Tha chat room.
1:32pm 12-29-2021
12:56pm 12-29-2021
PL Box loves you all
12:53pm 12-29-2021
The world needs to see your timeless classic masterpiece. Touch grass and be outside. 15 years ago lifestyles
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