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7:54pm 11-19-2021
Jessica Marie
You’re so dope I love you💚
4:36am 11-19-2021
Doing the mom thing this morning, I stumbled across your story which led me to your diary. I am really loving everything about this. I miss Livejournal days. and I hope you stick with it. (The design of the site is sick af too) Its a bit creepy how much I am relating to everything your saying. I also appreciate how you’re carrying on with writing like your Mom did. I bet her journal will make a badass book.

I Stan you.

The end. <3
12:55am 11-19-2021
1:07pm 11-18-2021
This brings me back to those my space days I love it self made pays instead of being on another companies platform relocating is the best way hoped more follow suite trend setter absolutely love how you setting the bar high up!
12:57am 11-18-2021
I have been a fan of kreayshawn since 2011 and she’s great. I hope she visits my website it’s kinda plain at the moment and might stay plain with much more detail maybe but the site had many paste layouts from 2002 to 2006 ish
6:42pm 11-17-2021
Mac Dylan
KJ Dreayshawn back at it
8:23am 11-17-2021
Im so glad you made this website because I've been bored. I love how original you are.
10:39pm 11-16-2021
Hello Teresa
Hi! I’ve had the beginning of the song Bumpin stuck in my head for days. I searched on YouTube, then I found your IG which lead me here. Hell of a MySpace throwback. Hope you’re doing well. ❤️
8:15pm 11-16-2021
Hey, Kreay!

I have always dug your crazy cool unique vibe! Total embodiment of the East Bay, man. Your Vimeo vids are fuckin' genius lol.

I wish you nothing but the best. <3

6:50pm 11-16-2021
hii have a good day
11:50am 11-16-2021

12:31pm 11-15-2021
theo lloyd
11:23am 11-15-2021
kreay, glad your nose job went well! Ice and popsicles helped me keep my mouth from feeling too dry. TREAT YO SELF GURL! Your diaries help me feel human. Im so sick and tired of the social medial lack of reality. The most basic things feel unobtainable anymore. I think its rad that you and the ex could end things amicably, Im just waiting for that fire to ignite inside of you though, maybe itll restart a whole ass vibe for you? you're so fucking dope, I hope it does and you feel those creative juices' in your new office space. You deserve it <3
5:16pm 11-14-2021
I appreciate you & all that you have contributed to bay culture ughhhhhhhhh

Thank you so much for this form of expression
3:12pm 11-14-2021
Nice xanga throwback. Feel like I'm reading my own diary. The panic attacks, agoraphobia, seizures, meds, even needing my septum fixed have been my adult ass life. I'm alone all the time I have that need for female energy around me too. Ig sucks I miss the old internet days. I love your site and keep on trucking
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