11:02pm 12-08-2022

Wassupppp baby girl I decided to stop by cuz I’m feeling funny

You’ve always been fucking cool beautiful and talented

Thank you for existing you amazing human
4:11pm 12-08-2022

WHEN WILL YOU CREATE NEW MUSIC?! YOU’RE THE BEST! Love your website and merch! Wish you had the hoodies back!!
3:13pm 12-05-2022
Wtf your website absolutely FUCKS. Best website 10/10
10:45am 12-03-2022
love the website. i rlly wanna buy ur merch 4 christmas 4 my bf. he loves you sm and ur music reminds us of falling in luv with eachother. i just dont have paypal! Can you pls set up another payment method! thanks<3
10:06pm 12-02-2022
You’re still wild and you’re still fine… stay up foo
3:50am 12-02-2022
Heard gucci gucci at the bar yesterday & still knew every word 🥲🥲🫶
7:18pm 12-01-2022
Lucas Haze
we out here
8:43pm 11-29-2022
ma bad
oops sorry I couldn’t out website here lol
5:45am 11-29-2022
where is summer my eyeline🍬🍬🍬
5:44am 11-29-2022
ma bad
See me my love
12:47am 11-29-2022
biiiiitch i love you- i have for like idk a decade at this point? you make me happy with your kitty energy and i hope you're having the best day. hmu you ever come to alaska- will show you cool places
4:51pm 11-27-2022
i woke up and i have a cyst on my butt cheek it honestly hurts so bad bro
6:55am 11-18-2022
Hey Kreay!!!
I'm a huge fan of your music and that merch is some of the dopest shit I ever seen

But really blew my mind when I first saw it a year back and it led me down the long road of making my own website.

I do all kinds of creative shit, but I've always been kinda shy when it comes to showing it off especially w/ social media. It was super inspiring to see there's such a cool alternative!!

My site is
It took a lot of time and effort but I'm really proud of the result.
I'd love it if you checked it out, coz it probably wouldn't be here without you! Love youu <3333
5:17pm 11-17-2022
Real Biggest lover
I love white girl mobb.
I want to see again get back together.

12:16am 11-17-2022
I just discovered your music and had to look you up!!
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