11:07am 10-02-2022
Your music helped my friends and me have so much fun and just enjoy our youth. I sincerely want to thank you. You're honestly sort of a role model for how you got in, did your thing, and now you're doing a different thing. I was 16 when I started listening to you, and I'm 27 now. You've made it cool to grow older, to mature. I appreciate that. Life's scary but it doesn't have to be.
3:26pm 10-01-2022
i love you. i loved you since 9th grade! 10 years! omg!
good to see you’re still so beautiful. you diary is so real, i love it. thank you for being transparent, even when you don’t have to be. i hope all is well, and it it isnt, i hope it gets there. one day at a time babe ❀️‍πŸ”₯
4:23pm 09-30-2022
9:02pm 09-29-2022
Wassup Kreayshawn I hope this finds you well. I was thinking about your song Gucci Gucci and wondered whatever happened to you so I just decided to check up on you. Would love to do a song with you wish you well !
10:22pm 09-28-2022
H krizo lovekills
Dude been in you Gucci Gucci tip for a long while that death metal cd is lit would live to do a metal colab
11:54pm 09-27-2022
9:53pm 09-27-2022
Michael A. Rainey
I enjoy your work!.( ;
2:51am 09-26-2022
luv u <3
2:30am 09-26-2022
IG @Jorge.Kills
Dayuuuum homie. Shorty gotta website and everything. I appreciate the hustle g. I peeped that Lil B quote on your main page. That’s fire. I don’t really listen to his music, but I know LilPeep sampled ‘I Love You’ by LilB on his 2015 classic ‘Veins’.
MyWhat does LilB mean to you? Do you think that artists like Based God helped pave the path for artists like you?

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8:48pm 09-25-2022
ive been a admirer for a long time. i clearly just have too big of a crush on a girl in a world id never want to experience. it hurts a lot every time i think that something bad could happen to you. you gave me a lot of life, and it sucks life doesnt give you back some of the things you get written on your wall here. you clearly are a important person to many people. at least in their hearts.

dont let anyone treat you like youre less than human. stomp them out of your existence cuz its good for you.

as far as the world goes ive taken the rockstar gta vi mentality. the world gonna end soon so just put out a little leak so it looks like we havent completely given up.

well. wish you the best. good luck and hopefully before the world ends you can experience some nice things. whatever those are.
4:51am 09-25-2022
if you make more tobm sweaters i'll buy one <3 they are so hard
9:41pm 09-24-2022
Happy birthday!


Also, what a diary entry, thanks for sharing.
1:44pm 09-24-2022
Alan Roberts stoler
Best a luck happy 33birthday by U.S.ARMY from includin me by Hawii J0 Switssblade
1:30pm 09-24-2022
Alan Roberts stoler
Happy birthday from all of us U.S.ARMY including Hawii J0 Switchblade best a luck
10:38pm 09-23-2022
Hi bae girl. I miss watching you play on twitch so much you should stream bedazzling your new uti shirts lol. ily i just read the new diary entrie ilyilyily i sorry u be battling demons ur so smart n strong tho
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