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8:24pm 11-26-2021
Ily kray kray u have always been and always will be my celeb crush. U been the epitome of feminine beauty in my eyes since middle school n u still a goddess in my eyes 😭🥺 the only woman I will ever simp for
6:21pm 11-26-2021
Dude, thank you for the HINDZ recommendation, I'm loving his videos rn.
4:12pm 11-26-2021
7:58am 11-26-2021
loving you since 2011 ❤️‍🔥 keep on glowing queen wish you only the bestest of the best vibes
4:08am 11-26-2021
Love you 💕 Kreayshawn TMB
9:33pm 11-25-2021
Pricila G
I’ve loved you since I was in middle school, now I’m 24 and old you’re still cooler than ever , thank you for the inspiration
11:14am 11-25-2021
You know what I like about u?

10:11am 11-25-2021
I’ve been a big fan for a long time and I think you’re so fucking COOL!!! this is such a sick website, I wouldn’t expect anything less from you!
8:36am 11-25-2021
You’re a badass
9:07pm 11-24-2021
you are such a big inspo for me! i want to make my own page now especially after going through your links page. i have been following u on the web for so long and i hope to keep supporting ur cyber endeavors! much luv xx
5:34pm 11-24-2021
I just love the whole feel of your page. It reminds me of having my own little angelfire page back in 2005, where I’d collect dolls. also love u !!
5:15pm 11-24-2021
I love uuuuuuu <3
10:42am 11-24-2021
ur so epic istg keep being u!!love ulove ur stuff
11:54pm 11-23-2021
Angel Ann Cuellar
I ❤️ U
8:14am 11-23-2021
Yazmine b.
good entries very entertaining and relatable
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